Go Caroling

How to Carol

The following recommendations will help you to have a successful and safe caroling experience.

Do THIS When Caroling

  • Form a group of 5-25 people
  • Start your effort with a prayer for the people to whom you'll be singing
  • Start singing around 7 PM - End the caroling by 9 PM (you can carol any time during the day on weekends as well)
  • Stay together as you walk on the sidewalks through a neighborhood
  • Stand 10-20 feet away from the front door of the residence. It’s OK to stand in the grass next to the sidewalk. Don't crowd onto the front porch.
  • Identify one person to ring the doorbell after the caroling group is in place.
  • When the door is opened, sing one to two songs. When finished, say "Merry Christmas". As you are leaving, sing "We Wish You A Merry Christmas."
  • Offer a copy of the Christmas Blue Pages to the homeowner, nursing home residents, or business patrons
  • Bring Flashlights!
  • Review these guidelines with your caroling group

Do NOT Do This When Caroling

  • Do not crowd onto the front porch.
  • Do not enter the home.
  • Do not accept any donations.