Go Caroling

Where to Carol

Caroling is fun. You get to choose the path that your caroling group will follow. It’s best to keep it simple. Great places to caroling include:

  • Your neighborhood
  • The neighborhood around your church
  • The community around your workplace
  • The parking lots of apartment complexes

With advanced permission, consider caroling:

  • To the residents of a nursing home or senior living center
  • To the patrons of a restaurant
  • At the entrance of a church service or event
  • At a lot where Christmas trees are sold
  • At a Nativity display

Choose a well lit area and consider the safety needs of your group.

Don't worry about where other caroling groups are. If someone has already sung on the street that you are on, simply go to the next street over.

In a two hour time period, you can ring the doorbells of 20-30 homes and sing 5-10 times. The more times you sing, the more joy you have delivered!

Remember, our goal is to share the Good News of Jesus' birth through the age-old tradition of Christmas caroling.